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DeeJay Garringo
Program Director
SSWR National Office
11240 Waples Mill Road, Suite 200
Fairfax, VA 22030
703-359-7562 fax

Conference Highlights

The SSWR Annual Conference offers a scientific program that reflects a broad range of research interests, featuring studies in child welfare, aging, mental health, welfare reform, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, organizations and management, poverty and social policy, research and design measurement, and more. Annual conference events and activities include:

  • Presidential plenary and awards presentation, invited symposia, and over 500 symposia, workshop, roundtable, paper, and poster presentations.
  • Research methods workshops designed to enhance methods expertise and grant-writing skills and special sessions on research priorities and capacity building that target cutting-edge topics vital to contemporary social work research.
  • Program and networking events especially for doctoral students. Opportunities for student volunteers are also available.
  • Over 40 exhibitors including universities, publishers, non-profit organizations, foundations, and government agencies
  • Earn up to 28.5 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEU) (additional fee)
  • 30+ special interest groups convene (all welcome)
  • Job Seekers Registry

Due to the large number of presentations at the conference, only a small sample of the workshops, roundtables, symposia, and papers are highlighted below.

• Journal Editor’s Forum I: Scholarship to Advance Practice and Shape Public Policy
• Journal Editor’s Forum II: Publishing Qualitative Research
• Social Network Analysis for SW Research
• Combining Efficacy Research and Epidemiology Traditions
• Item Response Theory and Its Use in DIF Studies
• GLM for Spatial Data in R
• Endogeneity and Approaches to Correction in Program Evaluation
• Correction of Rater Effects in Longitudinal Research
• Phenomenological Approaches to Research on Sensitive Topics
• Conducting latent Class Analysis with M Plus
• Introduction to ARIMA and Harmonic Regression Time Series Analysis

• Building Capacity for Child Welfare Research
• Enhancing Psychosocial Care in NursingHomes
• Social Innovation
• Conceptual, Contextual and Ethnical Issues in Phenomenological Research
• Disciplining the Poor: Neoliberal Paternalism and the Persistent Power of Race
• Distinguishing Disability from Aging in Social Science Research
• Examining Beliefs, Barriers, Policies, and Evaluation Procedures in International Social Work

• Research Design & Measurement; Ethnographic Methods to Study the Interface of Policy, Administration and Clinical SW Practice; Longitudinal Person-Centered Analyses to Estimate Intervention Effects in Controlled Trials
• Work, Family & Family Policy: Workforce Development; Child Care Issues in Policy, Quality and Use; Military Couples and Families
• Sexual Orientation: Health Disparities among LGBT Older Adults; Risk, Identity and Engagement among Sexual Minority Youth
• Poverty & Social Policy: Homelessness and Housing; Randomized Experiments to Increase Human Capital
• Child Welfare: Linking with Population Level Data; Engaging Fathers; Development of Community Alternatives
• Organization & Management: Medicaid Expansion in Health and Social Services; Organizational Decision-Making in Long- Term Foster Care
• Mental Health: Family Context of Early Childhood Mental Health Problems; Psychosocial Correlates of Postpartum Depression
• Social Work Practice: Community Coalition Building; Ethnics

• Mental Health: Social Work View of Clinical Diagnosis; Randomized Control Trials of Interventions; New Models of Case Management
• Child Welfare: Decision-Making Process; Multi-Level Effect of Community and Neighborhood; Aging Out and Emerging Adulthood
• Crime & Criminal Justice: Women in Prison; Partner Violence; Victimization and Crime
• Poverty & Social Policy: Neighborhood Risks; Global Poverty; Housing Instability and Unconventional Homelessness
• Health & Disabilities: Cultural Barriers; Disparities in Global Context; Multilevel Stigma; Military Families
• International SW & Global Issues: Human Rights; Governmental and Community Programs in Developing Countries; Child Maltreatment
• Aging Services & Gerontology: The Role of Religion; Volunteerism; Underutilization of Services among Minority Elderly
• Gender & Ethnicity: Acculturation; Immigrant Ethos; Father Nurturance among African American Families
• Substance Misuse & Addictive Behaviors: Treatment Effects; Trauma; Premature Termination; Drug Resistance Strategies
• Organization & Management; Community Engagement; Implementation Strategies; Organizational Environment
• Adolescent & Youth Development: Leadership, Transition to Adulthood; Homeless Youth and Social Networks


Society for Social Work and Research
11240 Waples Mill Road, Ste. 200
Fairfax, VA 22030

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